Monday, November 23, 2009

World Cup

I pulled off and had a pretty decent run, it could have been faster, but I was just glad I made it down. In between runs, we usually just walk around and do what we want because we have 45 minutes until the next heat. I brought oreo's to the track and I was offering them to the sliders. Everyone was laughing at me but I didn't really care. I learned how do say "do you want one?' in German. Next week in Austria I will be prepared. I was in 16th after the first run and then on the 2nd run, I was gaining time as I was going down but I messed up really bad in 12-13. I hit the wall pretty good and when I came up on the out run I was laughing pretty hard. Everyone thought I had broken myself or something, buy my sled got it pretty good. It was cracked and I was super bummed about that. My run wasn't great but when the sled gets involved, then there is an issue. Hopefully my coach will fix it tomorrow before I slide. The worst part too is that I went faster my 2nd run and I still ended up 16th. If I would have cleaned it up then I would have gone so much faster. I was satisfied though, I just didn't want to crash, so I was happy. We fly to Austria tomorrow.

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