Monday, November 23, 2009

My Racing gloves

Yesterday was my first Senior World Cup. I did not realize how big of a deal it was until we got out of the car. I saw the cameras and all the sponsor signs. It hit me. I was given new spikes for the race. On our gloves we have metal spikes on the ends of our fingers and they have to be a certain length (3mm) in order to be legal. The new spikes my coaches gave me were a little long and my teammate told me the day before to make sure to get them cut down, but of course I totally forgot. I put on my brand new pair of gloves and I realized the issue. My heart started pounding uncontrollably because if I was checked, then I would be disqualified. My first race...DQed. That was the last thing I wanted. The only way I could get out of it was to make sure I got the green light at the end of the race. The athlete must hit a button at the end of the first run. If the red light comes up, then all your equipment must be checked. If it is green, then you are free to go. This is all to make sure that no one is cheating and no one is sneaking weight. I got really lucky. The green light came on. My teammate went back to the hotel to get my training spikes, it was definitely a close call.

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